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howick falls howick falls howick falls

"Howick Falls"


Howick Falls is located in the town of Howick, in the KwaZulu Natal Midlands, approximately 24kms from the town of Pietermaritzburg. Here, the Umgeni river plunges some 300ft into a deep pool below before continuing on itís winding journey towards the Indian ocean. 

The main attraction of this quaint town, *"Howick Falls is also referred to as KwaNogqaza which means 'Place of the Tall One' in the Zulu language. The falls were most likely first seen by European explorers in the early 1800s. Throughout history, many people have been swept over the falls, especially in the pioneer days of the province, as some settlers thought the easiest place to cross the river was just above the falls."

howick falls Shrouded in mystery, the Howick Falls has assumed a some-what legendary status, and is feared by many of the local Zulu people.*"According to local legend, Inkanyamba which is a giant serpent-like creature resides in the pool at the bottom of the falls. According to lore only sangomas can safely approach the falls and then only to offer prayers and other acts of worship to the inkanyamba, ancestral spirits and the 'Great God'."
A viewing platform, located at Goddard Park in Howick, is the ideal point from which to view and photograph the falls and a secure barrier ensures that overzealous viewers, are safe from the formidable drop below. The restaurant located opposite the viewing platform is a perfect spot to relax and soak in the scenery.

howick falls For the more adventurous, the Howick Falls Gorge walk is an excellent way to get closer to this cascading spectacle. The Gorge walk begins from the bottom of Harvard Street and continues on down towards the pool, at the base of the Falls. The return walk follows the same path back. Set aside a good two hours to fully enjoy this unique experience.
Whilst visiting the falls, take advantage of the wide range of antique, art and crafts stores that the town of Howick has to offer. Not far from Howick, along the Tweedie Road, you will find a plaque, marking the spot where the infamous Nelson Mandela was apprehended on the 5th August 1962, before eventually being incacerated at Robben Island.

For further information about Howick Falls or the town of Howick, contact the Howick Tourism Bureau, which is located adjacent to the Howick Falls Viewing platform. 

The Howick Tourism Bureau

+27 (0)33-330-5305

+27 (0)33-330-8154

P O Box 881, Howick, 3290

The Howick Tourism Bureau

                                              Photographs by Tamara Bradford - *Resource: wikipedia